Selecting & Implementing Law Firm Automation Software Doesn’t Have to be Painful

We manage the entire transition so you can focus on practicing law

Ready to Enjoy the Many Benefits of Automation?

Let us do the heavy lifting and make getting from where you’re at now to where you want to be surprisingly easy for you.

Why automate? Because automation…

  • Increases your profits
  • Systemizes your practice
  • Increases your productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminates many repetitive administrative tasks
  • Reduces your stress

Capturing just 2 to 3 quick emails per day can increase your billings by $195,000 per year!

Here’s how:

0.25 Hours x $300 / Hour = $75 / Day
$75 / Day x 5 Days = $375 / Week
$375 / Week x 52 Weeks = $19,500 / Year
$19,500 / Year x 10 Timekeepers = $195,000

Get More Billings for the Same Work

Discover the “Magic” of Automated Time Tracking

Time is money for your law practice. Literally. But although every minute counts, quite often every minute is not properly tracked and billed.

Automated time tracking eliminates unbilled work

In fact, automated time tracking is a huge reason why so many of your competitors have upgraded their Law Firm Automation systems.

Integrated Visions can get you up and running with a cloud-based system in which every action has time capture capability, and every item can be associated with a particular matter. From calendar entries and tasks to documents and phone calls, all time will be easily recorded (you can even use an onscreen timer!) and then pushed through to billing with the click of a mouse.

Many solutions even have time finders

This way if you respond to an email or complete a task and forget to record it, the system will alert you to this fact.

We’ll Ensure You Get the End Results You Desire

Unless you’re an expert in this area, selecting a Law Firm Automation solution can be fraught with risks. But when Integrated Visions manages the selection and implementation process you can rest easy knowing that…

Your data will convert into your new system.

In fact, it will be there, fully tested and ready to go, before your new system goes live.

Your calendars will work

Period. You’ll have the redundancy you require, and your calendars will link to Outlook and be available from your tablets or phones.

Your new system will be easy and intuitive to use.

Everyone will get up to speed quickly…even those who tend to be “technologically challenged.”

You’ll be amazed how having the right system allows you to just practice law!

Say goodbye to repetitive administrative tasks and say hello to greater ease, efficiency, productivity and profits.