ATTN: Sage Timeslips 2019 & 2020 Users

Timeslips 2019 will be obsolete as of 9/1/2020
Timeslips 2020 will be obsolete as of 10/1/2020
(This does not mean that your product stops working on those days.) 

As of October 1st, Sage Timeslips will be only offering an annual subscription product and will solely be supporting that product. However, Integrated Visions will continue to support all versions. If you are using Timeslips 2019 or 2020 and plan on expanding your firm, we recommend that you add extra licenses prior to September 1, 2020.  Licenses cannot be purchased for an obsolete product.

If you are a Timeslips 2019 eCenter user, you will lose the ability to exchange data on that day (August 31st). If you are currently a Timeslips 2019 or 2020 eCenter user, the annual subscription plan is required.

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Stay safe out there and keep your hands clean!